Laura Hughes

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Software Developer

In March, I celebrate my five-year anniversary with Millward Brown Digital, where I specialize in developing web-based tools to help users work with complex data. Important projects include a survey editor to help users code questionnaires and a bidding system to gather and compare quotes from vendors. I am especially interested in user-friendly frontend UI; I believe that software should be fun and easy to use. I am a fast learner, and I love taking on a new challenges, learning new languages, looking at problems in a new way, and doing the impossible.

I would classify PHP, JavaScript (with or without jQuery), SQL, and HTML/CSS as my “could code in my sleep” languages, but I also have experience with MySQL, Flash ActionScript 3, Objective-C for iPhone apps, Visual Basic for Microsoft Office macros, Perl, Python, Scala, Scheme, C++, Linux/Unix and more.

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My first gay & lesbian young adult novel, Don’t Ask, was released in April 2013. I am currently working on an interactive novel.



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