Laura Hughes

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Software Developer

I'm a frontend-focused web developer with five years of professional experience. I specialize in web-based tools that empower users of all backgrounds and levels of technical expertise to easily work with complex data.

As a data visualization developer at MassDOT, my passion is in quickly prototyping new data dashboards with fast and beautiful JavaScript frontend using jQuery, Highcharts, Angular and Bootstrap. My advanced SQL skills are essential in navigating vast and complex data warehouses. My challenge is always to balance the essentially human communication skills of finding a meaningful story in the data, and the technical skill of automation to reduce human work down the line.

In my five years as a full-stack software developer Millward Brown Digital, I wrote a fun, fresh, and relentlessly browser compatible frontend for market research surveys designed to reach all audiences from teenagers to senior citizens. Modern HTML5/CSS3, Javascript and jQuery features including drag and drop, animations, and mobile-optimized video gracefully downgraded to ensure usability on browsers ranging from the latest Chrome down to IE5, and phones ranging from the latest iPhone down to a 1990s-era Nokia. In addition to my work on the frontend, I was also responsible for start-to-finish full stack development of internal tools in PHP, including a survey editor that let users code questionnaires and a bidding system to gather and compare quotes from vendors.

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When I'm not coding, I'm writing. My next project? An interactive novel, to be released in 2015. I also blog about personal finance and simple living at